The authors of Just Dance 2023 discussed dancing and crunching

The authors of Just Dance 2023 discussed dancing and crunching ...

The management had requested that the new engine be changed only 11 months before it was released. Furthermore, the authorities wanted to ensure that a number of their recommendations were implemented at no cost, even if this impacted on the workload of employees.

No matter that the team was already "sewn up" against the backdrop of the tasks set, some of which were simply impossible, the authors had to completely change everything, which impacted their mood and general fatigue.

The management reportedly made a number of critical decisions too late (the same engine), while simultaneously pushing their employees to overtime (some call this direct pressure) and they failed to hire additional specialists, despite Ubisoft's previously promised that they would deal with this issue and allocate resources.

Overtime was once a requirement of a well-coordinated system, but then the balance was shifted and overtime became a part of the norm, resulting in "double standards." Some employees worked 13 hours, while testers could stay longer.

Ubisoft's desire to have the first major service game of this genre in its portfolio influenced the load, but he failed to please the authorities. The designers believed that the game should be postponed until 2024, but Ubisoft backed this decision.

Similar difficulties were evident in the production of Just Dance, as well as in other projects. Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, Watch Dogs and Beyond of Good and Evil 2 – the studio was engaged.

Despite the fact that the new managing director had brought the situation to a halt, Just Dance 2023 was released on November 22, 2022 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Switch.

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