Is E3 2023 the last day of the fair? Cancellation is feared this week

Is E3 2023 the last day of the fair? Cancellation is feared this week ...

Will E3 be held this year? After Ubisoft's decision, speculations have surfaced that the event might be canceled in the near future.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 for short) was once one of the most popular gaming events of the year. Several major publishers presented their most recent titles there, press conferences were held one after the other, and in this country, the fair's existence is in jeopardy.

Ubisoft has been canceled in advance. Microsoft is planning a summer presentation and will probably not be at the Los Angeles Convention Center. And Sony will not be attending E3 2023, as IGN last January would like to have experienced.

Is E3 2023 going to be canceled this week?

There aren't many smaller companies left who could transform E3 2023 into an event that once had its original purpose d'ĂȘtre. Along the same lines, VGC's Andy Robinson stated that he'd "not heard good things" about the show's fate.

"When it comes to E3, it's often difficult to separate fact from speculation. Rather, it doesn't surprise me that I don't hear anything good." According to Robinson on Twitter.

But there is currently "too much noise" for Robinson to be confident.

Hollie Bennett, an employee of Frontier Developments, spoke up on the discussions. "The exhibition center is now cheaper than ever before", says the author. There are also some good proposals. Despite rumors, E3 feels like a "great opportunity".

ReedPopa is the organization of the year this year's fair, which was previously the Entertainment Software Association's parent company for C2E2, EGX, New York Comic Con, PAX East, and other events.

Summer Game Fest and other activities are on the way.

E3 is proving to be less and less relevant for publishers because there are other options: Summer Game Fest and Starfield Direct are scheduled for June 11, 2023, and Ubisoft Forward Live is scheduled to take place on June 12, 2023.

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In 2019, the COVID-19 epidemic thwarted plans for an E3 on-site event. In 2021, the event was entirely canceled.

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