The Nintendo Switch 2 does not require a screen, according to me

The Nintendo Switch 2 does not require a screen, according to me ...

If Nintendo, the Switch 2 is a total commercial catastrophe. A possible successor to the extremely successful hybrid console, which only offers technical improvements, would in my opinion have the potential for a flop that threatened the existence of a hardware manufacturer. Such a prediction does not require an advanced degree or a fortune-telling bullet.

Nintendo consoles – a failure or a decline in sales?

If you examine the hardware sales of Nintendo consoles, you quickly realize that all devices that are more or less just one improved technology of the predecessor sold worse. The technically improved Super Nintendo only reached 49.1 million copies, while the Nintendo 64 braved the third dimension and invented the analog stick, selling much worse.

The Wii serves as an interesting illustration. Motion control proved to be a huge success. Nintendo sold 101 million units, but almost shipwrecked with the Wii U. The successor offered with the Screen-Controller an immature feature and otherwise better-looking graphics. The result was a catastrophic 13.5 million units sold.

The handhelds were similar. The GBA sold worse than that Game Boythe Nintendo DS sold half way, and if a Switch (buy now €325.00) 2 should only be limited to 4K on the TV and 1080p on the built-in screen, I (and probably most of the Nintendo audience) would do the same a shrug.

Nintendo's new console: What must a Switch 2 be capable of?

I'd prefer a Mario Kart 8 that supports 4-player couch co-op at 60 FPS. The outdated hardware of the switch should groan nicely, however, a successor console must offer much more than just minor tweaking technology.

Just speculating: Is the Switch 2 a modulares System that is designed? There is a core unit without a screen, which contains all the technology and a module slot for backward compatibility to Switch 1.

PC game lovers are also a fan.

One of the best games of the year will be presented as a part of a new presentation.

For the regular price, you get a top game and a goodie for the new Super Mario Bros film from MediaMarkt. #advertising

If gamble mobile It would be possible to mount your own mobile phone in a controller device in order to keep a handheld in your hands. Nintendo could Screen “save” on the Switch 2.

Without a significant increase in production costs, a better mobile technology to install, which thanks to the core unit could either shine on the big screen at home or on the smartphone. Nintendo must come up with something unique that differentiates a Switch 2 from both external and internal competitors.

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