Nine video games that begin to tell their story at the end

Nine video games that begin to tell their story at the end ...

In extrema res, the Latin term for narrative technique, is used to translate the story into a narrative at the end rather than at the beginning. It shows the characters in the final stretch of their struggle or adventure without reaching the conclusion. The beauty of history is knowing how it came to be.

With more or less success, books, comics, films, series, and video games utilize this technique to tell their stories. Below, I show you nine video games that do this at the beginning of their stories.

Metro 2033 is set to be open for the whole year.

The first videogame in the Metro saga has had a rough start, with the protagonist, Artyom, anticipating that his journey would soon come to an end. We aren't sure what is happening, but we know what we are left to see when we look around a post-apocalyptic Russia.

Otherwise the mission would be a waste of time. Hideo Kojima's intro is brief and the camera turns to black as we are about to be attacked by a huge flying beast. History goes backwards, and we have to go back until you see the possibilities.

Kingdom of Thieves is a game developed by Uncharted 2.

Nathan Drake wakes up in a train car hanging in the air in some snowy mountains in Metro 2033, having no more time than a small cinematic to distract us from the ride.

The classic (introduces standard music) "Hi, I'm Nathan Drake and you're wondering how I got here" sequence is perfectly acceptable. The narrative moves back to a warmer place to explain the reasons for the adventure.

Resident Evil 6 is a game that includes a number of different weapons.

Resident Evil 5 and 6, among others, will be released as soon as the development of the Resident Evil remakes completes. It's a new video game that starts with Leon in the middle of a zombie apocalypse with explosions, fire, and a helicopter that uses his machine guns on everything that moves.

Leon (and us by extension) tries to save a woman named Helena Harper. This slew of sections provides a solid groundwork for basic combat, herb blending, and more. Leon has time to flee a helicopter and run for his life from a plane that sank on a highway.

Max Payne 3 is the third generation of a successful skate company.

Because of the three Max Payne video games on this list, they all satisfy the requirements to be on this list. I've decided to stick with my favourite: Max Payne 3. The opening sequence sees Max looking battered, tired, and injured as he approaches a mutilated man who is crawling away from him.

Max Payne, and while he may have done something very nasty to him in order to get to this point, history goes back to tell you a search and revenge plot that includes some of the most epic and brutal shootouts the gaming industry has ever seen. And no one gets me off this ship.

Final Fantasy XV is a game that consists of six main characters.

Final Fantasy XV is a title that may be referred to as "special" in many ways, depending on how much you like or dislike the video game. In any event, it's possible to describe the fifteenth installment as "a baptism of fire."

As we battle Ifrit, a recurring fire element from the saga, the introduction puts us in the shoes of Noctis and introduces us to our allies. Although it isn't as long as Resident Evil 6, we've already seen some of the progress that is coming our way.

Life is a Strange Journey.

Life is Strange is a video game that excels at starting at the end for the first time during a storm caused by a tornado that threatens to destroy a city. Moments later, the lighthouse next to Max collapses, disappearing into darkness.

Max wakes up in his school classroom, implying that it was a dream, but was it really? The temporary change It's fantastic, and the excuse for being a dream adds mystery to the plot. So knowing how we got to the starting point becomes a fantastic adventure.

God of War is a game that involves a lot of violence.

Kratos hasn't always been the smart, cautious, and strategic warrior he is today. The Spartan has a very passionate past based on revenge. And just the beginning of God of War, the first game in the franchise, shows the protagonist throwing himself off a cliff in despair after ten years of servitude.

We see a fade to black and a message with blue letters that sends us three weeks before to the Aegean Sea. The Kratos we see is quite different: arrogant, full of hatred... a murder machine. We already know that death doesn't go much with him.

The Line in Spec Ops

This uncharted third-person shooter gem has the same problem as Uncharted 2: it doesn't begin exactly during the denouement, but it starts soon. Things get out of hand when a helicopter explodes too close, and an intro cinematic takes place.

With our squad’s mission: “Go to Dubai,” the game leaves us at the entrances of Dubai. And again, Max Payne 3's question: what exactly happened?

Persona 5

Without the highly recommended Persona 5, the game starts with a group of vigilantes led by the main character (us), who is cornered by the police after an attack on a casino. We are taken to an interrogation room by the fiscal Sae Nijima, who starts the interrogation.

As the protagonist speaks to the prosecutor, the game progresses. This structure has been used in many police films and series. The narrative that leads us to this conclusion is fantastic.

These are nine games whose narratives begin at the end of the adventure or at least at an advanced stage. I encourage you to describe them in comments!

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