Naughty Dog promised to release games for PlayStation 5 and PC

Naughty Dog promised to release games for PlayStation 5 and PC ...

The Last of Us remake of the popular game was released today on PC. The original PlayStation 5 version was released, and now the developers have talked about how the PC version is going to be developed.

After Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, The Last of Us Part I was the studio's second modern PC release, and it was the first to include modern features such as VSync, frame rate limitation, customizable texture quality, realistic shadows, reflections, and more.

The game engine had to be adapted, as well as some gameplay elements. In particular, this concern concerned movement. When approaching the infected person, the player's emotions can cause this pressure to increase, attracting the enemy's attention.

Moving is both an emotional and a physical process on the PlayStation, which adds tension each time you encounter enemies. This aspect works in a completely different way, and the designers had to study and adapt this aspect to make the gameplay as enjoyable as it is on the console.

Naughty Dog's PC version is a new skill, but for the PC version of The Last of Us Part I, the studio required all the experience acquired over the previous ten years. And now, the studio is determined to use the lessons learned in the future.

Naughty Dog is currently working on an online project for The Last of Us, as well as an unannounced game that will "look like a TV series." There are also rumors that a sequel to The Last of Us is on the way.

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