Samsung is returning to save Apple, despite non-OLED issues

Samsung is returning to save Apple, despite non-OLED issues ...

The iPhone 15 family of smartphones will improve the ever-popular Apple gadget in terms of design and performance. It was also a gadget girl that would break up the North American rival's ties with South Korea.

Apple is trying to improve its relationship with Samsung by focusing more on LG and BOE. What will happen if LG is unable to produce OLED screens of low dimensions with the same quality as Samsung? It's obvious that Samsung will save Apple's skin once more and make a lot of good money from it!

The whole iPhone 15 range will now incorporate the Dynamic Island feature, which has already been described several times. However, this has apparently caused some problems in BOE's lines, with the new OLED screens suffering from a phenomenon known as "light leakage." This is why Samsung will begin production a month sooner than planned. (May instead of June!)

Samsung will begin manufacturing OLED screens for all devices, including LG's Pro and Pro Max screens. BOE will be able to resume its position when it resolves the issue now discovered! (Please remember that only the Pro models will have ProMotion, Always-On Display, and super-thin bezels!)

Despite the fact that the 'base' models should be kept at the same price, the Pro models will be significantly more costly in 2023, it is a good idea to include this.

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