Kitbash Model Club is a new name for Balsa model flight simulators. Make Your Own RC Models

Kitbash Model Club is a new name for Balsa model flight simulators. Make Your Own RC Models ...

Felipe Falanghe, the original creator of Kerbal Space Program, released a new game today, with a new name and a new publisher.

Falanghe has found a new development team called Floating Origin Interactive (in which he is also the lead developer), and the game will be published by Curve Games and is now called Kitbash Model Club.

No, there are no Gunpla or Warhammer tabletop figures to construct here. Rather, the name is a reference to how you can create your own remote-controlled (RC) airplanes, boats, or cars, which are made of many different components. Also, kitbashing is an usage popular among enthusiasts.

You may expect a similar sandbox when you play the Kerbal Space Program, where you are given a selection of components to construct air, sea, and land RC vehicles.

The Kitbash Model Club offers an extensive building program that includes cityscapes (with cars driving around) and beaches. Plenty of cool scenery to test out your latest kitbashed monster (or kitbashed monster).

Support for Steam Workshops will also be provided.

The previous trailer for Kitbash Model Club has been made public.

The Irregular Corporation, a publishing company formerly known as the Balsa Model Flight Simulator, was supposed to be published under Epic Games, which has acquired Mediatonic, the developer of Fall Guys.

Irregular Corporation released PC Building Simulator, and its most recent sequel was published by Epic Games Publishing.

This is a fascinating twist of events. It's also quite interesting that a new version of the Kerbal Space Program has just been released into Early Access this year.

Balsa Model Flight Simulator was released on Steam Early Access in September 2021. The game is currently unavailable for purchase, and the Steam page may be renamed Kitbash Model Club soon (it hasn't at the time of writing).

On PC (Steam), Kitbash Model Club will be released sometime this year.

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