Tony Hawk: He's Almost Signed Something Other Than His Activision Contract

Tony Hawk: He's Almost Signed Something Other Than His Activision Contract ...

Tony Hawk and Activision reached an agreement for a video game series that was widely successful. However, the skateboard legend nearly went for a different one in a video interview. He explained why he chose not to.

The 233rd episode of "The Diary Of A CEO" was released on Sunday and Monday. Tony Hawk spoke about his incredible career, talent, fame, and other interesting topics.

At minute 57:27, the video game series "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" was also a topic of conversation. Here's what he revealed right at the start: Activision had approached another organization.

The general public is too familiar with this task.

Hawk then spoke briefly with the people responsible. He quickly realized that this project was much more complex than Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series.

“I realized that what they were trying to accomplish was so great.” Explains Tony Hawk.

Hawk prefers to have a game that allows non-skaters to "simply do tricks."

Activision improved the game.

When the skateboarding legend saw Activision's game a short time later, he was instantly sold: "For me, it was intuitive, it was perfect. I immediately started playing it, I started doing tricks. It just felt right to me."

It might have been too late if Activision hadn't knocked on the door two or three months later. According to Hawk's assessment, by then, he'd already signed a new one.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater was released for PlayStation 1 in 1999, marking the start of a long-term success story: 21 outshoots were released by 2018. A second edition of the first two parts was released in 2020.

Parts three and four should also be modernized. However, Activision Blizzard decided to convert Vicarious Visions into a support studio.

Tony Hawk decided to charge ongoing royalties rather than a one-time payment. It's said to be "the finest financial decision" of his life.

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