Missions, Improvements, and Other New DLCs for Saints Row

Missions, Improvements, and Other New DLCs for Saints Row ...

The developers at Volition today demonstrated the following months' post-launch support. Various DLCs and free content are planned.

After the technically and playfully disappointing debut of the reboot, Volition's developers initially focused on improving the overall gaming experience of "Saints Row." For example, in November of last year, a vast overhaul was released with over 200 enhancements.

Today, the studio discussed the possibility of post-launch support, noting that Saints Row members may expect a ton of new content in the coming months. Some of the content will be available for free, others are part of the Saints Row Expansion Pass.

A download pack celebrating the upcoming release of Action Horror title Dead Island 2 will be available for all Saints Row owners.

Missions, events, and more are all part of the story.

A new free update will be released in May, including improvements to the battle system, a new photo mode, and a new district. The Heist and The Hazardous Pack are also included in the Expansion Pass and contain new events, story missions, and other unspecified content.

The Murder Circus DLC for Doc Ketchum has arrived. A new mode is introduced in "an (even more) twisted version of one of our favorite areas of Santo Ileso." More features, a new district, and improvements will follow in August, according to the official roadmap.

In the same month, the third expansion of the Expansion Pass will be released, including unspecified story missions, enemies, cosmetic items, and other content. The developers would like to provide further information on individual updates and DLCs of post-launch support in due time.

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Saints Row is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. As previously reported in February, the Embracer Group's poor performance resulted in decreased revenues.

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