DLC clues for the Resident Evil 4 remake: Separate Ways have been discovered

DLC clues for the Resident Evil 4 remake: Separate Ways have been discovered ...

The Mercenaries mode is already planned for early April and will definitely appear in the Resident Evil 4 Remake, but what about the Separate Ways DLC? A dataminer discovery gives hope for this additional content for the remake!

Now that the Mercenaries mode has been confirmed for early April, will Ada Wong make the leap to the Resident Evil 4 remake? So far, Capcom hasn't confirmed the DLC "Separate Ways" for the new edition, but they appear to be quite good, at least if you trust a hint in the game's files.

The reference to the previous RE4 DLC "Separate Ways" was first discovered by a dataminer on a Discord server who then distributed it via Twitter user ResiEvilCentral. This is understood as a clear reference to the earlier RE4 DLC "Separate Ways."

Why does the term "another order" so clearly indicate the additional content? It's quite simple: In Japan, the additional mode introduced in "Seperate Ways" is dubbed "The Another Order."

This file contains a directory named "Chainsaw", which refers to a free demo of the game, as well as one called "mercenaries," which refers to the mode already included in a free DLC for April 7th, 2023.

If the information already stored about "Separate Ways" follows the Chainsaw demo and the Mercenaries DLC, there may be nothing standing in the way of an announcement. So until there is a formal confirmation from Capcom, you should treat the dataminer's discovery as a rumor and treat it with the necessary care.

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