Diablo IV: Is There Going To Be a Special Edition Xbox Series X/S?

Diablo IV: Is There Going To Be a Special Edition Xbox Series X/S? ...

The Diablo IV Open Beta was completed last weekend and enjoyed widespread popularity among players. They are now looking forward to the full version being released, as well as there may be a special edition of the Xbox Series X/S to accompany it.

Anyone who is considering purchasing an Xbox Series X and who is a big fan of the Diablo series should probably wait a little longer before making a purchase. For instance, there may be a special Xbox console released for the launch of Blizzard Entertainment's new action role-playing game.

The release of Diablo IV might now entice Microsoft to release a special Xbox Series X edition more than ten years after it was released. Billbil-kun has a fairly flawless record when it comes to leaks.

If Billbil-kun is correct this time, there will be a Diablo IV Edition of the Xbox Series X, which will be sold for a price of $559.99 in the United States. The console version should look like the game, although the exact look isn't known yet. However, it is possible that the package will also include a specially designed Xbox controller.

By the way, it wouldn't be the first time an Xbox console has been inspired by a Blizzard game. Microsoft had already designed a special Xbox Series X in the style of Diablo II for the release of Diablo IV.

Diablo IV will be released on June 6, 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One.

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