Nine video games that begin to tell their story at the end

Nine video games that begin to tell their story at the end ...

"In extrema res" is used to describe the narrative technique of starting a narrative at the end of the story rather than the beginning. It shows the characters in the final stretch of their battle or adventure without reaching the conclusion. History is remarkable for knowing how it got there and what happens afterwards.

With more or less success, books, comics, films, series, and video games employ this technique to tell their stories. I've included a number of video games that do this at the beginning of their narratives.

Metro 2033 is a city in the United States.

The first videogame in the Metro saga has had a rather tense start, with the protagonist, Artyom, anticipating that his trip will come to an end soon. We have an assault rifle, and we are accompanied by a soldier. The only thing we can see from this place is the impending storm.

The mission would not go smoothly if the game did not begin with an introduction by Hideo Kojima. We are ambushed by a large group of mutants, including a large flying beast. The camera fades to black just as we are about to receive a beast attack. History goes backwards and you must maintain until you see the possibilities.

Kingdom of Thieves is a game set in Uncharted 2.

Nathan Drake wakes up in a train car hanging in the air in some snowy mountains, with no more respite than a small cinematic, until we reach the top.

The opening sequence for the classic (introduces standard music) 'Hi, I'm Nathan Drake, and you're wondering how I got here' is appropriate. It's not, but it would have been a pleasure to recreate the adventure.

Resident Evil 6 is a game that is developed by Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 5 and 6 will likely be released as part of the Resident Evil remakes, as well. Resident Evil 6 is a video game that begins with Leon in the middle of a zombie apocalypse with explosions, fire, and a helicopter that uses his machine guns on everything that moves.

Leon (and us as a whole) tries to save a lady named Helena Harper. This confusing section serves as a lesson in combat, herb blending, and more. Leon has time to run for his life from a plane crash on a highway.

Max Payne 3 is the third generation of comedians to hit the market.

Because the three Max Payne video games meet the requirements to be included on this list, I've decided to stick to my personal favourite: Max Payne 3. The opening sequence sees Max looking battered, tired, and injured as he approaches a mutilated man who is crawling away from him.

Max Payne, and I'm certain he committed something extremely nasty to him in order to get to this point. The question is, what happened? History goes back to tell you a search and revenge plot that includes many of the greatest epic and brutal shootouts the gaming industry has ever seen.

Final Fantasy XV is a sequel to Final Fantasy 1.

Final Fantasy XV's fifteenth installment might be referred to as "special" in many ways, depending on your liking or dislike of the video game. In any event, the game's beginning may be described as a baptism of fire.

As we battle against Ifrit, a recurring fire element from the saga, the introduction puts us in the shoes of Noctis and introduces us to our allies. Although it isn't as long as Resident Evil 6, we have already seen part of the movement that is coming our way.

Life is a Strange Adventure.

Life is Strange is a video game that excels at ending the story for the first time during a storm caused by a tornado that threatens to destroy a city. Moments later, a lighthouse next to Max collapses, rendering the game a hazy gray.

Max wakes up in his school classroom, implying that it was a dream, but was it really? The temporary shift It's great, and the excuse of being a dream adds mystery to the plot. So knowing how we got to the starting point becomes a fantastic adventure.

God of War is a game that uses a computer to make decisions.

Kratos hasn't always been the sharp, cautious, and strategic warrior that he is today. The Spartan's past is rooted in revenge. And just the beginning of God of War, the first game in the series, shows the protagonist throwing himself off a cliff in agony and despair.

We see a fade to black and a message with blue letters three weeks before we go to the Aegean Sea. The Kratos we see is quite different: arrogant, full of anger... a killing machine. We already know that death doesn't go much with him.

The Line in Spec Ops

This uncharted third-person shooter classic has the same issue as Uncharted 2: It doesn't begin quite until the initial denouement, but it starts soon: we start by shooting a machine gun in a black hawk helicopter, shooting down other helicopters, and fumbling between two structures. Things get out of hand when a helicopter explodes too close and an intro film appears.

The game leaves us at the entrances of Dubai with our squad with a mission: "Go to Dubai." And again, Max Payne 3's question is: what occurred?

Persona 5

Without Persona 5, I would not be able to complete this list. We are led by the main character (us) who is cornered by the police after attacking a casino. We are caught after attempting to flee and taken to an interrogation room. The fiscal Sae Nijima, he begins the interrogation and we begin to explain the whole story.

As the protagonist speaks the matter to the prosecutor, the game unfolds. This technique has been used in many police films and series. The narrative that leads our character to that conclusion is fantastic.

These are nine games whose stories begin at the end of the adventure or at least at an advanced stage. I invite you to share them with us in the comments!

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