In April, three innovative horror films will be released on Filmin

In April, three innovative horror films will be released on Filmin ...

The majority of cinephile viewers have among their services a subscription to Filmin, a platform that offers a wide range of films from yesterday and today, as well as a number of well-known titles.

Filmin is continuing to expand with the arrival of some exciting movie news for next April, including three horror films that are certain to delight those who enjoy the genre.

Filmin is set to release a number of horror films in April.

In Filmin, the Hate Club (Soft & Quiet) starts the horror novelties, starring Stefanie Estes, Olivia Luccardi, Eleanore Pienta, Dana Millican, and Melissa Paulo, among others.

The plot of this documentary unfolds in real time through a sequence shot and centers on an afternoon in the life of an elementary school teacher as she organizes a gathering of like-minded women. However, when the group returns, the professor meets a woman from her previous life and a volatile sequence of events ensues.

This strange horror film will be available on the Filmin catalog on April 28.

In april, Filmin will release another horror film, this time from Ral Cerezo and Fernando González Gómez.

The film, directed by Zorion Eguileor, Gustavo Salmerón, Paula Gallego, and Irene Anula, considers old age's mysteries and depicts Manuel, a man who must move into his son's house with his family after his old wife's tragic death.

Little by little Mario and his family discover that something uncomprehensible begins to happen with Manuel, who claims to speak with presences that inhabit the area and who seems to be disturbed with every passing day. Or perhaps he's telling the truth and there's something sinister in the house? The film will be available on Filmin on April 21.


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The Open Body, another Spanish film directed by ngeles Huerta, will be available on the catalog on April 7th, with Tamar Novas, Victoria Guerra, Maria Vazquez, and Federico Perez.

Miguel, a young teacher, is assigned to Lobosandaus, an unhospitable town with ancient customs on Spain's border.

The strange death of a village neighbor frees a free spirit in search of a body that allows him to continue living, which will lead Miguel to question the boundaries between the living and the dead.

Throughout the month of April 2023, these are the horror films scheduled to be available on Filmin. Which of these are you most interested in seeing on the streaming platform?

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