This soothing LEGO set is on sale for a discount

This soothing LEGO set is on sale for a discount ...

This exciting LEGO promo is a great way to spend time with loved ones.

Published on 03/28/2023 at 21:40

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LEGO offers spaceship models and Hogwarts models, as well as some more elegant designs — such as this orchid bouquet on sale.

Orchids to bloom your house in LEGO 10311

LEGO guarantees a pleasant future by offering debts dedicated to many universes. We discover, for example, ultra-faithful representations of cult films, busts of superheroes, luxurious automobiles in impressive format... or even plants. Yes, LEGO-style plants.

This LEGO set allows you to make your own flowers and your own pot, probably with the intention of displaying it somewhere. The least we can say is that it remains pretty and not excessive, while keeping this little geekiness.

Know in any case that Amazon has sold this kit with a minor decrease: the price has changed from 40.99 euros to 38.94 euros. These are spring flash sales, so grab them while they last.

On Amazon, you can get the LEGO bouquet of orchids for 38€.

On Amazon, six orchids are found in LEGO and in reduced quantities.

This complete bouquet contains 608 pieces that you can make yourself: six orchids inspired by real flowers, each with five leaves and two aerial roots, for a pleasant white and pink tint. The glass is also blue: it is possible to infuse brown elements to mimic the soil.

Note that it is also possible to direct orchids where you want, for an arrangement that is compatible to your desires. Once the set is assembled, it measures over 39 centimeters high, 39 centimeters wide, and 24 centimeters deep.

The best part about LEGO flowers is that they can be purchased and assembled in your house, which then form a whole panel of plants made of small briquettes.

On Amazon, you can get the LEGO bouquet of orchids for 38€.

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