Resident Evil 4's Church Mystery: How to Open the Door and Get In the Church

Resident Evil 4's Church Mystery: How to Open the Door and Get In the Church ...

One of the obstacles in the fourth chapter that prevents Leon from finding Ashley is the mystery in the church. You will need to solve the stained glass puzzle in order to unlock the iron door and continue the story.

In this guide, we will show you how to get into the church and how to solve the church's riddle.

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, how do you get to the church?

You will need to enter the sanctuary in order to save Ashley in the fourth chapter. Pre-required discover the key to the churchby solving two riddles in the chapels in the caves.

Most likely, you will go from the cave where the key was taken to the other end of the southern cave and go to the quarry. From there, follow the south path, go to the church and encounter a mini-boss along the way.

Interact with the lock that prevents you from entering when you arrive at the church's entrance, and in the menu that appears, select the church emblemobtained earlier.

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, how do I solve the church puzzle?

A target will appear when you enter the room. Look for Ashley in the church, for this you need to make the mosaic. To the right and left of the entrance is a useful loot, we recommend picking it up.

It is better to locate the necessary item as soon as possible to solve the puzzle in the church. In the entrance hall go right and follow a little deeper: you will find several barrels, and behind them is a chest of drawers. Open it up and find the blue control knob. It is required to solve the puzzle.

You may look around the altar and find parishioners. To the left of the altar itself (if you are facing it) there is a lever arm. Pull it down to access the control panel. They will appear on the outside of the altar (the one facing the hall). Use the small key on the table as well.

To change the colors in the church, insert the blue control knob into the free slot. By scrolling the mechanism with glasses in a manner that no white color remains on the stained glass, the diagram below shows the original location of all fragments.

We recommend using a certain sequence of turning the knobs to solve the church's riddle. The long side of the emblem (the one in the center) should look:

Blue regulator at 12 o'clock, green regulator at 9 o'clock, and red regulator at 3 o'clock.

The final look of the puzzle is shown in the photo above.

The entryway to the church's left corridor will open. Simply climb to the second floor and move to one of the closed areas to complete the task.

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