Why did Harry Potter, a millionaire, never shared his earnings with the Weasleys?

Why did Harry Potter, a millionaire, never shared his earnings with the Weasleys? ...

Many fans have criticized Harry for failing to share his extraordinary wealth with the Weasley family, who, as you already know, did not quite live well financially.

The Weasley in Harry Potter were well-known for having a low economic status, while Harry had inherited a fortune from his father, so he was practically swimming in gold while one of his best pals had trouble even eating.

All Harry Potter supporters were affected by this, as they saw Harry as greedy and not willing to share his wealth with one of his best friends.

Although the films did not portray a kind Harry to Ron, the novel series is a different story.


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In the Harry Potter books, specifically in the book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry attempted to assist Ron Weasley by paying him for a pair of omnioculars during the Cup Quidditch World Cup, and Harry purchased them for him. After the Quidditch match, Ron returned the favor with Harry's prize money.

Months later, Ron learned that goblin gold disappears after a day, something Harry hadn't even noticed because he had too much money to know if it was missing.

Ron was enraged by the thought that after the initial joy of paying Harry for the costly present, he realized that he had paid for it in fake gold. He felt that he had received the gift as a charitable present.

Ron Weasley's emotions were savage, and he did not want to be taken care of by his wealthy pal.

Harry never attempted to pay directly to the Weasleys, hence the name.

Why did Harry refuse to pay Molly Weasley money?

Other fans questioned whether Harry Potter would have given this money to Molly Weasley, mainly because she accepted him at the start when he was not desired by his uncles and aunts.

Harry was a youngster and a guest at the Weasleys' house at the time, and it would not have looked good if Harry hadn't paid them with bags full of gold after such disinterested care.

When Fred and George needed financial help to fund their business, Harry immediately offered it. Of course, he promised not to reveal anything to Mrs. Weasley, indicating that Harry knew otherwise.

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