New malware capable of stealing sensitive information is haunting MacOS

New malware capable of stealing sensitive information is haunting MacOS ...

macOS isn't one of the most malware-heavy platforms out there, but that doesn't mean it's 100% secure. This is checked occasionally, as we now inform you.

MacStealer, a new malware that was recently discovered and investigated by Utycs, has been at the forefront of efforts to steal user access credentials.

MacStealer is the latest danger that MacOS users should be aware of.MacStealer is the latest danger that macOS users should be aware of.

MacStealer's primary purpose is to gather sensitive information from customers. We can highlight iCloud Keychain credentials, credit card data, cryptocurrency wallets, cookies, documents, and more.

MacStealer provides the installation file weed.dmg as an input vehicle for macOS systems, and this is the first hint, so please remove it from your computer.

Those who open this file due to inattention or lack of information will be confronted with a dialog box that asks for your access password. Justify it by requiring you to access system settings, but the purpose is to collect your credentials.

This step is extremely critical for this malicious software, since it cannot access your iCloud Keychain data in any other way. However, if you provide it with your master password, it will open the way to any data stored on your macOS system.

Once all of the information has been collected, it will be grouped into a file that will be sent to the MacStealer authors' servers. They will then be available for purchase on platforms such as Telegram channels dedicated to these practices.

The price per data package can be as low as $100. It is not a huge amount compared to what is common in this type of illicit practice.

What can be done about this particular problem?

The most effective preventive measure for this type of scheme is to install applications only on certified platforms. The safest is the App Store, which is developed and controlled by Apple.

Keep your macOS up to date on the latest security updates. Installing an antivirus program can also be a great preventative measure.

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