Counter Strike 2: Left 4 Dead 3 was made a reference in game files

Counter Strike 2: Left 4 Dead 3 was made a reference in game files ...

In the game files of "Counter Strike 2," references to "Left 4 Dead 3" were found. However, you should not put too much faith in anything else, since the odds of an early announcement are still very slim.

Valve, the publisher of Steam, hasn't exactly provided games in recent years. Many players have been waiting for information about a new "Counter Strike."

At least the latter was finally confirmed and unspectacularly a few days ago. The only beta has been running since March 22nd. Some tech-savvy users have now discovered clues to a possible "Left 4 Dead 3" in the "Counter Strike 2" files.

If you examine them closely, it is unlikely that these files will serve as a hint for an upcoming announcement of a new game from the Zombie Survival series.

The Priority of Left 4 Dead 3 appears to be at the bottom.

The game information for "Left 4 Dead 3" includes several categories that provide further information. The entry in the "Severity" category, i.e. severity, is indicated with high. That sounds quite promising at first glance. However, Valve's choice of "priority" is much more important.

This category is set to none, thus, a new 'Left 4 Dead' has virtually no priority for the developers. So how long will we have to wait for a new offshoot is unambiguous. The company has repeatedly pointed out this fact.

More information on the shooters is available on this page.

Though it doesn't mean that we won't get a new "Left 4 Dead" title in the future, the topic will change in a few years. For the time being, Counter Strike 2 is the focus. You have to wait and be lucky if you want to try the beta itself. The whole version is scheduled to be released in summer 2023.

More information on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which left 4 dead three

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