Sega and Tencent will skip E3 2023

Sega and Tencent will skip E3 2023 ...

The live show E3 2023 was billed as a triumph, and the organizers promised a lot of information and the participation of the largest gaming companies. However, a long break, which forced the industry leaders to look for other ways to present their projects, might jeopardize the very essence of the exhibition. According to IGNcompanies Sega and Tencent

Journalists IGN spoke with many representatives of publishers and advertising companies and all expressed worry about the future of E3. As it turned out, no one has yet received exact information about what exactly is planned. Therefore, companies cannot decide on the issue of participation budgets or the necessity to prepare stands.

Microsoft and Nintendo have already announced that they would not be able to participate in E3, and this was announced yesterday by Ubisoft. Sony has not yet announced its intention, although several sources claim that the show will not be included in the company's plans.

Bandai Namco is planning a return to Los Angeles for Play Days. E3 has never officially participated, but for many years organized a presentation at the nearest parking lot. Return Digital has never officially participated in E3, but for several years has organized a presentation in the nearest parking lot.

ESA and ReedPopdid have not responded to a request for comments. So far they haven't announced their intentions. EA, Square Enix, Embracer Group, Activision Blizzard, Epic Games, Take-Two, and Warner Bros Games

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