SEGA and Tencent will not be able to go to E3 2023, with additional information for other publishers as well

SEGA and Tencent will not be able to go to E3 2023, with additional information for other publishers ...

IGN USA has published a report indicating a number of official statements from the various major gaming companies regarding their possibility of participating in the E3 2023 event. However, who else will be absent?

EA, Square Enix, Embracer Group, Activision Blizzard, Epic Games, Take-Two, and Warner Bros. Games have not yet responded to requests for comment, but Sega e Tencent have announced that they will not be attending E3 2023, although it has not revealed it officially.

"We have decided not to participate in E3 2023 as an exhibitor," SEGA said. "We look forward to sharing more information about announced and unannounced projects in the future."

Tencent has announced that its Level Infinite division will not be at E3 2023, but that it will attend Play Days in 2022, which it "had the pleasure of providing our games to the general public." I Play Days is a simultaneous event managed by Geoff Keighley that takes place at the same time as E3.

Return Digital stated: "We have never officially attended E3 and sadly have no plans to do so this year." We also stated that we will not be hosting any events this year at LACC, but we will certainly return to our beloved parking lot to do so if the opportunity arises."

Bandai Namco has not commented on its participation at E3, but has stated that it will attend Play Days.

According to IGN USA, many firms prefer to dedicate the poco budget to more regular events, such as Gamescom or the recent PAX. ReedPop is also in a worrying state, according to the organization, which has been the company's president for the past 14 years, who is preparing to replace Michael Kisken as the current vice president.

For the time being, and even considering Ubisoft's aforementioned defection, the situation does not appear to be that bad for E3 2023.

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