Following the departure of two other businesses, uncertainty over E3's future has increased

Following the departure of two other businesses, uncertainty over E3's future has increased ...

The skies continue to darken over the LA Convention Center between June 13 and 16, and concerns are raging about the E3 2023 celebrations and all the fair's future, which promised to be rebuilt... but, after only two months, few are convinced that the event will be successful.

IGN has reported that Ubisoft's departure was confirmed yesterday, and that Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have not yet been present (both Micro and Ubi will conduct independent events on the same dates), but today two large companies will not be participating. Sega and Tencent

The most alarming aspect of the incident isn't the accumulation of injuries, but the unpredictability of many other professionals working in publishing and public relations interviewed by IGN, none of whom Do you know of any companies that have confirmed their attendance? and the time is pressing.

No one wants to be the first person to join the E3 party.

Many interviewees describe a strange situation: they are all waiting for someone to make the first decision confirming their attendance at E3, but no one is willing... and therefore, they don't know if it's worthwhile to devote time and money to attend an event that is most likely to be canceled.

After the epidemic, many businesses reintroduce live events departments, many of them have not reverted to pre-pandemic levels (and many, following business logic, will not).

Despite all of this pessimistic news, they complain of little communication with the ESA video game association and the organizer ReedPop, who is still silent for the time.

ReedPop stated in previous statements that they had a number of partners, indies, and big publishers who had confirmed to attend E3, but none have come forward... and the impression is one of general shock.

EA, Square Enix, Embracer Group, Activision Blizzard, Epic Games, Take-Two, Warner Bros. Games, and Konami are some of the companies that have not commented.

In the "window of the E3," the latter will make major announcements, such as the Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake, but it may be at its own event, or even the Week Before, as well as some "Play Days" and face-to-face hand-on demonstrations in Los Angeles, only for the press and professionals.

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