For your video calls, Zoom IQ will have a virtual assistant

For your video calls, Zoom IQ will have a virtual assistant ...

Thanks to OpenAI, Zoom has entered a new era of change and evolution. Artificial intelligence continues to thrive among technology and information firms.

Thanks to advances, everyday and common use among the population are also being enhanced, and this is what will happen with Zoom. The company, which became popular for its virtual meetings during the Covid-19 epidemic, has decided to go one step further in this quest for productivity and will soon launch Zoom IQ, which will have a virtual assistant.

The video call company intends to value its efforts by enhancing it with artificial intelligence tools, for which it has announced that the improvements would be possible thanks to its collaboration with OpenAI.

Zoom's new expansion will include features such as the ability to summarize chat threads, better organize ideas, better write content for chats and email drafts, video call summary, and the creation of new meeting agendas.

The company that was founded in 2011 by Eric Yuan wants to continue to be a leader in the sector, streamlining work processes and increasing productivity. That is why improvements are made in ways that enable those who have not been able to catch up in the best possible time.

Zoom IQ aims to increase company productivity, allowing anyone to schedule meetings based on the topics discussed in them, or for those who have to leave a meeting at a certain time. Moment. This is a step forward for Zoom in facing the future of other platforms in the industry.

Zoom Huddles will now allow you to combine several meeting cameras to get a better view or have a meeting manager.

Smita Hashim, Zoom's director of products, said the company will benefit from this new approach in order to "make our customers' businesses more productive."

Zoom appears to be up to date in terms of technology as well as in business, and the company is aware that everything adds up at work, so any time saved is appreciated. Because of simplifying and speeding up smaller but necessary tasks, you will save time for other things.

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