The Saints Row reboot roadmap lays forth the first new content material following the launch of the game

The Saints Row reboot roadmap lays forth the first new content material following the launch of the  ...

Volition, the developer behind the Saints Row reboot, has released a brand new post-launch roadmap, highlighting a few of the free and paid content that will be available before the end of August.

The newly launched roadmap for Volition marks the first time since last October that the studio has mentioned additional content for the reboot, when, following a rather worrisome launch, it suggested that at first it might prioritize "enhancements over new options."

Although it has launched a number of vital patches to deal with Saints Row's most pressing issues in the months since its release last August, Volition is able to introduce new stuff, beginning with a free Lifeless Island 2 cosmetics pack in April.

When Saints Row receives the primary of two promised new map districts in the form of Sunshine Springs, things become much more interesting thanks to to a brand new photograph mode and other, currently unknown improvements.

Can also adds The Heist and The Hazardous, the primary three content material drops for Saints Row's paid Enlargement Cross, which includes new story missions, occasions, cosmetics, and additional.

In July, there will be a second Enlargement Cross launch, which will include a brand new solo mode as requested by Doc Ketchum's Homicide Circus, which will include "new options, enhancements, and extra."

The current Volition roadmap includes a two-month in-depth study in August, along with a second (at the moment unnamed) free replacement, the former of which aims to introduce a second new district, as well as other new features and enhancements, which will be announced closer to the launch.

When Eurogamer contributor Vikki Blake reviewed Volition's Saints Row reboot in August, she felt it was quite appropriate, stating that despite some minor flaws, it nonetheless contained some "nice surprises."

In September, Embracer co-founder Lars Wingefors admitted he'd hoped the reboot would have received a "significant reception."

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