Everything We Know About Kim, Dustin, and Vinson from Seeking Brother Husband

Everything We Know About Kim, Dustin, and Vinson from Seeking Brother Husband ...

TLC has launched a new series, 'Seeking Brother Husband,' which transitions from polygamy to polyandry, which completely differs from 'Seeking Sister Wife.' Here, beautiful, committed women engage in open relationships to redefine love.

In 'Seeking Brother Husband,' four polyandrous couples and trios are introduced, each experiencing the trials and disadvantages of finding additional husbands. Kim Brewer Allen, Dustin, and Vinson Cornett, all of whom struggle with navigating boundaries and major life decisions related to their polyamorous lifestyle.

Kim, Dustin, and Vinson: What Happened to Their Meet?

Kim and Dustin were married before they discovered each other. Kim chose to forego religious beliefs and move away from society and religion. Dustin returned to college to complete his degree in one of his classes.

Cupid's arrow slit straight to their hearts, and it was indeed love at its inception. Though initially, Kim rejected Dustin's proposal, he was persistent, and finally, she received the approval from her supervisor, and the two began their dating life.

Kim met Vinson through mutual friends in 2022, and she soon discovered that she was also in love with Vinson. Their relationship lasted for years, and they decided to move in together with Dustin.

Kim, Dustin, and Vinson's Journey Together

Dustin was initially concerned about whether Kim and Vinson would be having their own private event or whether he would participate in the group at their own pace. Over the years, Dustin has realized that he and Vinson could be friends and have their own time in their own time.

Kim and Dustin discussed the difficulties of being open couples in a recent interview with Insider. "It's a tough decision if you'd have told me early on that we'd be here," Kim admitted.

Kim and Dustin have realized that she must consider other aspects of herself and her heart after spending years together. The three of them are now residing in a home and a life in which all of their children, including children from previous marriages, have fun.

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