Players wait for hours on end due to the Shader Issues in The Last of Us PC remake

Players wait for hours on end due to the Shader Issues in The Last of Us PC remake ...

The Last of Us Remake PC port was released today, and while the PS5 version received a lot of praise, the PC port appears to be underwhelmed with bugs and crashes, though there are still some things to think about before buying.

If you're one of the many PC gamers who bought the PC remake of The Last of Us, you're likely to be waiting for the shaders to finish building. What's not common today is the amount of time required to complete this task, as for most games, it's in only a few minutes.

The Last of Us remake PC port seems to be suffering from widespread shader issues, with some users claiming that it took them more than an hour to build the game.

Our slightly above-average specs build took roughly an hour, while our high-end build took just under 45 minutes.

While the amount of time it takes to build a shader is somewhat excessive, the game seems to be also enticing users to use their entire CPU, not to mention forcing them to wait long for their CPU to cool off.

Players have crashing during the play, as well as experiencing other difficulties, and some poor performance. Our 3080 and 4090 both failed to maintain a steady 60 frames-per-second.

The Steam community has given the game a mostly negative reception, with some users saying the shaders took well over two hours to complete, only to discover bugs after opening it up.

Steam has a refund policy, however this only applies to titles that haven't been played less than two hours before. The problem is, even though players aren't actually playing while they wait for the shaders, Steam still takes into account that time while the game is being launched.

It remains to be seen whether Valve will make a refund exception for those who want it. PS: It's going to be a great help, and a patch will be released shortly.

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