T-Boz Approves MatthewLawrence's Relationship To Chillis

T-Boz Approves MatthewLawrence's Relationship To Chillis ...

T-Boz expressed her displeasure at Chilli's new romance with Matthew Lawrence before the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Monday (March 27).

After months of rumors, Chilli said, "Take it from her sister." She added, "He's the best, and she approves." The "Red Light Special" singer confirmed her relationship with the Boy Meets World actor in January.

Chilli admitted that she isn't completely shutting down the idea of having kids with Lawrence, given that his statements about expanding a family were misinterpreted.

Despite Lawrence's lack of children, Lawrence said he's not putting any "pressure" on Chilli to have children.

TLC will embark on a hot summer nights tour with Shaggy, Sean Kingston, and En Vogue this summer. Chilli explained, "We go beyond the call of duty in rehearsals."

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes said later that she "would have wanted us to continue on," and that "her memory is definitely alive in everything that we do." They'll also continue to document their own story with a new documentary, TLC Forever, which will air on Lifetime on June 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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