Who is Victor Timely, anyway? The History of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the MCU

Who is Victor Timely, anyway? The History of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the MCU ...

Victor Timely is a young MCU character who is shaping up to be a major character in Loki season two. There will be spoilers for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Loki.

In its first mid-credits scene, Ant-Man and the Wasp did a lot to shape the Marvel Cinematic Universe's future, including including Kang the Conqueror as well as the Council of Kangs, a group made up of several different Kang versions.

Although the presentation outlined the franchise's long-term strategy, it also hinted at what's to come in the short term.

In the wake of Kang taking over the Time Variance Authority at the end of season one, the other post-credits scene for the film depicts a glimpse into Loki's next season.

This second season of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty will likely be equally as relevant as Quantumania, as will a new version of Kang, Victor Timely.

Who is Victor Timely, anyway?

At first glance, Victor Timely appears to be an upright citizen and industrialist, as well as the first mayor of the town he founded, Timely. However, looks can be misleading.

Kang Prime is in fact a disguised Kang recovering from his previous failed Earth invasion. Kang hides from the Avengers and lay the groundwork for his next attempt to conquer the planet.

The Avengers eventually discovered that this philanthropist wasn't quite as kind as they initially assumed.

Ravonna Renslayer, Kang's love interest in the comics Avengers: The Terminatrix Objective in 1993, attempted to expand Kang's base Chronopolis, and when the Avengers were forced to put a stop to this, they fell in love with Timely.

Kang may keep his disguise as a moral citizen and influence the future without interference other than this.

Victor Timely is Kang in disguise, living in 1901, and is first introduced in Captain America Annual (1971) #11 in 1992. Kang used this image to rebuild his strength following his defeat against the Avengers and lay the foundation for future victories.

Kang established Timely in Wisconsin, although it was hidden outside of the timestream in order to make it invisible.

Kang grew up slower than everyone else, but he was careful to maintain his youthful self-image, introducing new skills to his employees.

Professor Phineas T. Horton, the inventor of the first android, was recruited by Victor Timely Jr. to his work on robots in 1929.

Victor Timely III made some impressive advances in computing and cybernetic prosthetics over five decades later. He also developed technology used in the Sentinels, which proved useful when his future version hacked them during a Kang Dynasty comics event.

Kang gathered warriors from across the timeline and created a strike force called the Anachronauts, which was once again crucial to his eventual conquest.

Victor Timely, a new Kang variation, is introduced to an audience in the post-credits scene of Quantumania. He demonstrates to an audience a new technique and hints that he knows how to manipulate time.

Loki and Mobius watch out from the audience. Loki tries to persuade Mobius that this seemingly harmless guy is related to He Who Remains, the Kang version that Loki met in season one.

Victor Timely will be an essential part of Loki season 2, and his inclusion will likely strengthen Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

Timely might perform a similar role as his comic counterpart and prepare for Kang's future invasion. Audiences will have to wait and see.

Victor Timely is a disguise used by Kang Prime (the main Kang) to conceal from the Avengers in Marvel Comics. He is therefore the original Kang.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Victor Timely is just another character variation, joining Rama-Tut, Immortus, and the many different Kangs that make up the Council of Kangs.

Victor Timely isn't clear if he's a rogue Kang version like Kang the Conqueror was in Quantumania or he's a member of the Council.

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