Mods, content, freedom: This is how a Sims competitor wants to outdo the model

Mods, content, freedom: This is how a Sims competitor wants to outdo the model ...

On our website Life by You, a trailer for the upcoming life sim has been released. The Sims competition from Paradox Interactive will be released on... 12. September 2023, alongside other games from Second Life. Humble was mentioned at the recent GDC in San Francisco.

The purpose of the title is

"I want the game to be open to anybody maxing out the game and thinking, 'Oh, I'd love to do this,'" Humble said. "It's the ethos of 'we work for the players and the consumers.' They own their games, and our job is to sell you a full game base with all of those tools."

Humble explains that the game can also be used as a 3D-Editor. For example, you can literally construct a toilet out of a bush with our technology. “Our objective is to deliver the finest life simulation with the best gameplay out of the box,” said the 58-year-old. Players should be able to share mods on both the Paradox website and any other website.

Humble adds that the game's open environment is the foundation for his and his team's freedom. Parcel shipping, which may be simulated in the game, is an example.

The Sims competitor's first gameplay is shown in the 02:07Life by You trailer.

PC gamers are also very popular.

Paradox Interactive provides a first closer look at the gameplay of the Life by You life simulation. The mixture of gameplay scenes and cutscenes gives you a first glimpse at the many possibilities that await you in the early access phase on September 12, 2023.

The Sims can already dress warmly.

More information on the Sims

The likelihood of Life by You making a comeback in September has risen once more. After all, the latest expansion gives you the opportunity to spend more time with your virtual children. In any case, the number of players last year was impressive for Electronic Arts.

Pcgamesn is a game made by Microsoft.

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