Microsoft Teams is now available with a performance boost, a new design, and a Copilot AI assistant

Microsoft Teams is now available with a performance boost, a new design, and a Copilot AI assistant ...

The Teams app has been updated by Microsoft. In an effort to improve it, the business redesigned it from scratch, a process that took years.

The new version of Teams, according to Microsoft Teams, is "2x faster with 50% fewer resources." Launching or joining meetings should be 2x faster due to the 50% reduction in RAM and 70% less storage.

Microsoft has switched from the Electron-based Teams backbone to Microsoft's Edge WebView2 technology, and has switched entirely to the React JavaScript library. In addition, the company increased the use of Teams purple in its apps, including by changing the color of the canvas from gray to white.

The new Microsoft Teams version includes several minor improvements. For example, the ability to switch between different Microsoft Teams accounts in an organization has been improved. The board allows you to insert Loop components to make the canvas more collaborative. A range of animated images will also be included in Microsoft Teams, as well as the ability to change the color of videos in presentations.

The new Teams client is set to be Microsoft's future work with the Copilot smart assistant and other AI-powered features for Teams. Users will be able to invite the Copilot AI assistant to group chats to perform a variety of tasks, such as scheduling meetings or debriefing. The Copilot business chat feature will also exist in Teams as a personal assistant to access data and information from Microsoft 365 services and apps.

The new Microsoft Teams client is now available as a demo. The company intends to gather feedback and make changes to the app before it goes public later this year.

Microsoft Teams is getting a public preview, including a new option for using 3D avatars in online meetings rather than being on camera. Avatar animations are voice-only, so they should work well even without a camera. The animation also works when using the Teams emoji and the Raise Hand feature in a meeting.

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