With John Wick 4, Keanu Reeves has already exploded at the box office

With John Wick 4, Keanu Reeves has already exploded at the box office ...

Keanu Reeves has already exploded the box office with John Wick 4 at the age of news culture.

Published on 03/28/2023 at 21:29

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Keanu Reeves has no limits! With John Wick 4, he is sweeping the box office!

John Wick is a well-known TV series.

The John Wick saga is no longer a mystery, and since the very first film released in 2014, the license has been almost unanimous with the press and the public. However, this same film is pulverized by its continuation, which raises more than $171.5 million within a few weeks.

We anticipated John Wick: Chapter 4 to be released on a high note, but Chad Stahelski's film does much better than predicted.

Is John Wick 4 on the verge of breaking his mark?

John Wick 3, which is currently the most successful licensee in the United States, raised 56.8 million dollars for its first weekend of commercial activity!

John Wick: Chapter 4 grossed over $73.5 million in just one weekend of release, much more than Creed 3, which had the right to a major breakthrough, but also than Shazam! Rage of the Gods, which made $56.3 million and $30 million in one weekend. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania remains on the untouchable side.

The first three installments of the John Wick saga are currently available on Amazon Prime Video if you haven't seen the movies before.

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