How to Get Bonus Weapons in Resident Evil 4?

How to Get Bonus Weapons in Resident Evil 4? ...

Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Get Bonus Weapons?

Published on 03/28/2023 at 20:45

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There are a variety of weapons at your disposal in Resident Evil, some of which are more readily available than others. In this article, we will assist you in finding them yourself in your games, as well as their unlimited ammunition.

Get the Chicago Sweeper now.

Let's start with the Chicago Sweeper, which has the distinction of being a weapon that was previously available in the first version of Resident Evil 4, who is now available in this remake, and you'll be able to obtain your hands on it if you ever master the game.

Because yes, you will have to complete the game in 7 hours or less, which will still require you to have a solid grasp of the game. Once you have received the game, you will be able to obtain unlimited ammunition.

The buying process for this special upgrade will be much simpler this time. In fact, you will only have to go to a merchant to get it. Inevitably, once you have the weapon and the improvement, you will gain an advantage over your opponents.

Get the Survival Knife now.

Although a lot of players prefer firearms, it is equally important to know how to properly manage your melee weapons, whether it's for parries or to store your bullets for later.

That's because the second weapon we'll be assisting you with is the Survival Knife. You must first be able to conquer the challenge of the mechanical dolls of the squires, and we'll provide you with a handbook on this subject.

Once you have completed this challenge, you may acquire this Survival Knife by going to extras and spending 1000 CP. It is one of the weapons that we advise you to take as soon as you are able.

Get the Handcannon now.

Let's get to work on what is surely the most difficult weapon of the three to get to. In addition, you'll need to finish a game in professional mode, and you'll also be unable to finish it in new game+ mode. This will therefore require considerable preparation.

If you ever want to play the game, this is still a powerful weapon that we will advise you to acquire. Just like the Chicago Sweeper, you can then purchase an upgrade that allows you to buy unlimited ammunition at the store.

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