Steam: Windows versions older than this are no longer supported

Steam: Windows versions older than this are no longer supported ...

Anyone who continues to use an older Windows and relies on Steam for PC gaming may soon have to reorient themselves. Valve will soon stop supporting several operating systems.

Steam's old Windows systems will be phased out from next year. Players will have to upgrade to a newer Windows OS in order to continue to enjoy the games they've purchased on the platform.

The decision was made following recent Steam improvements, which include a better user interface. and use Chromium, an embedded version of Google Chrome that no longer runs on these operating systems. It should therefore be possible for the affected players to remain manageable: According to the most recent monthly hardware survey, only 2% of Steam users actually use either of the affected operating systems.

In January 2023, Microsoft itself decided to stop supporting these Windows versions and is no longer releasing security updates. It is therefore recommended that gamers make a switch urgently.

Microsoft is already planning to terminate Windows 10 support in 2025. Steam might take a similar swap from 2026, which would affect many players, according to the last survey.

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