Air review: a massive Nike commercial with a swinging eighties rhythm and a winning tandem protagonist

Air review: a massive Nike commercial with a swinging eighties rhythm and a winning tandem protagoni ...

Michael Jordan will pop into our minds as soon as we learn about basketball. He is also the creditor of one of the most lucrative commercial contracts in sports history.

Michael Jordan and Nike have reportedly made billions in the decade since creating their own brand, the Air Jordan, as the result of the sports line that was difficult to forge.


Matt Damon and Ben Affleck star in a teaser for Spanish for Air.

Ben Affleck has chosen the Air Jordan's origin story and transformed it into a film with shades of sports drama and commercial epic.

This film, produced by Amazon Studios, Skydance Productions, and Mandalay Pictures, is 112 minutes long. With a mixture of drama, biopic, and comedy that wants to fly high at Easter, will he be able to achieve a triple?

Today, at Hobby Consolas, we offer you a review of Airthe, a tribute to Michael Jordan's legendary career.

A rough start

Air's premise follows Sonny Vaccaro, the then-dying basketball division at Nike. In his quest to find new stars for the NBA season, Vaccaro chooses to trust a rookie.

Naturally, it was not love at first sight. Ben Affleck will look into all of the difficulties that Nike encountered during the negotiation in order to convince Michael Jordan that concluding an agreement with them would be beneficial to him.

While we are watching a few scenes from Ben Affleck's film, air leaves us with a lot of sports dramas.

Despite the fact that the world of sports is embedded in every moment in Air, the attention is absolutely drawn from the commercial arena, with Michael Jordan as a more significant figure than a character in itself.

Air does not need to create subplotsit go as it goes, and that aids in its flow and does not unnecessarily engulf the viewer with additional worries.

Air will fly high with a formidable tandem.

Matt Damon, who is responsible for interpreting Sonny Vaccaro, is the chief speaker for Air, who overflows with charisma in his leading role, removing the need for dramas that are unrelated to the main story.

Ben Affleck becomes the CEO of Nike after directing The Town: City of Thieves, and also bye, baby, bye. Air's comedy overtones give it a leg up in handling the genre with ease.

When the agreement with Michael Jordan was discussed, Jason Bateman, well-known for his Emmy-winning role in Ozark, played Rob Strasser, another of Air's basketball division.

Viola Davis gets a special mention, but no less important, for her in Fencesand, the Oscar-winning actress who played Michael Jordan in the game. She is a model and pillar for the player. Her participation in every scene in the play is a testament to her skill.

Bestia de nostalgia y product placement

The film by Ben Affleck has moments in which we are overwhelmed with strange nostalgia on a wild level, especially when it comes to its soundtrack, which is a must-see.

Stranger Things season 3 merchandise is worthy of this product placement, although it may be too extreme. The nostalgic effect helps us digest it better.

It's difficult not to get the impression that Air is a 112 minute Nike commercial, as the film is in the center of the story, but the direction and, especially, how it exits the competition, despite the fact that it's unlikely there will be no reaction to this.

Be aware, we will define it in the "worst" way, but it isn't something 100% negative. It's a true reflection of the business world where you either eat or they eat you.

Air is a great Easter present that will soon be available in the Prime Video catalog, highlighting the platform's dedication to cinematographic quality. The tandem of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon continues to excel in terms of luxury, especially with Michael Jordan's enticing presence.

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