The new SkyShowtime series takes a risk between File X and 30 coins. The paranormal mystery is a focus of the new SkyShowtime series

The new SkyShowtime series takes a risk between File X and 30 coins. The paranormal mystery is a foc ...

Today, exactly one month ago, SkyShowtime was launched in Spain, the latest streaming platform that includes programming from Paramount+, Peacock, Showtime, and Dreamworks, among others.

Nevertheless, there have been no new episodes of the company's current series, except for the obligatory ones.

The envoysa series of intrigues created by Juan José Campanella, who has worked on other titles such as El cuento de las cosomrejas, Entre canbales, and Night Sky, has been untouched until now.

What is the focus of the new SkyShowtime series?


Trailer for the Envoys

Los envoys is a fascinating paranormal thriller that focuses on two priests from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, a Vatican body that is charged with verifying and investigating potential saints' miracles.

These priests will be sent to Mexico City to verify other cleric's supposed miraculous treatments in a psychiatric hospital. However, when they arrive at the location, they discover that the priest has gone.

When people discover a psychiatric colony on the periphery, their lives and their faith are put to the test, according to the official synopsis: "It's a town's mystery that has been hidden for decades."

Miguel Angel Silvestre (Red Sky, 30 coins, On death row) and Luis Gerardo Mendez (Time for me, Belascoarán, Brothers) will play the main roles.

Irene Azuela (The days that I was not there), Miguel Rodarte (And how is he? ), Armando Espita (America's Sweetheart), Fernando Becerril (The book of love) and Jose Sefami (Blackout: Without Identity) have completed the transaction.

The Envoys will premiere on SkyShowtime this Friday, March 31, 2023, with the premiere of a double episode and the release of a new chapter every week. Do you want to see the new SkyShowtime series?

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