A 2B White Bride cosplay in lingerie is done by Nier Automata

A 2B White Bride cosplay in lingerie is done by Nier Automata ...

Platinum Games has developed several video games over the previous few years, but there are few that can claim to be as popular as Nier Automata, released in 2017 and published by Square Enix. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where humans have had to flee the Earth due to an invasion of an alien race.

The world of Nier Automata is characterized by a strong sense of desolation, with vast and empty spaces, where human civilization is reduced to a few fragments of rubble as a result of the biomachines' massacre. The game is also well-known for its beautiful soundtrack and attention to detail in the design of machines and environments.

One of the most famous playable characters is probably 2B, a highly skilled combat android who appears to be always willing and willing to fulfill his mission without hesitation. She wears a tight black outfit with skirt and a black mask that hides part of her face, contrasting with her white hair.

Fans of the series pay tribute to 2B through cosplay, often deviating from the established route, as Angelina Chernyak did in these photographs. This cosplay of 2B dressed as a bride and in lingerie became instant popular, as the characteristic black dress is replaced by a white wedding dress and other modifications, creating an impressive visual impact.

Here's a classic 2B cosplay in a black outfit on a starry night.

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