Rockay City, the head of Crime, gets mixed reviews on Metacritic, although he is a B-movie fan

Rockay City, the head of Crime, gets mixed reviews on Metacritic, although he is a B-movie fan ...

Today, Tuesday, March 28, the Crime Boss: Rockay City will be released on PC (Epic Games Store only).

This game of 505 Games was announced during the last The Game Awards 2022, in which it was surprised by its cast of movie stars, and it is available for sale today, without making much noise or without pre-launch criticism.

Many users who commit themselves to purchasing this program (which costs 39.99 euros but is reduced to 33.99 for a limited time) "blindly" have found this website... although the first reviews are already out.

And they aren't very generous with Crime Boss: Rockay City, which at the moment has an average score of 55 inMetacritic and eight reviews posted.


Rockay City's Crime Boss

Crime Boss: Rockay City is rated for the first time by Crimson Boss: Rockay City, with the swagger of a "B-movie."

Here's what reviewers have said about Crime Boss, a multiplayer first-person shooter a la Payday (you must organize heists and criminal heists). and have given them a 7 out of 10 for being the most successful media because to their low cost.

The Gamer, which describes Payday as "a game at war with itself," and GGRecon, which praises his excellent roguelike Payday, add nothing to it, nor distract from its poor and outdated gameplay.

Despite its approval, ScreenRant claims that it is a small-time wannabe trying to make a living in a world renowned online shooters.

The film, which received a 6, also praises its concept of a roguelike campaign, which is an enjoyable experience, despite its lack of gunplay. He describes it as a "B-movie" with a certain charm... and maybe that's what they always intended.

Rockay City, the Crime Boss, has a cast of "old" actors from the 1980s and 1990s, including Kim Basinger, Danny Glober, Danny Trejo, and Michael Madsen, who play him in this criminal action game, although the most striking is Chuck Norris, who has used the game's powerful language to make famous Chuck Norris.

Crime Boss Rockay City's authors are Ingame Studios, a Czech studio that has worked on the Mafia series, the Arma series, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Dead Trigger, Shadowguns, UFO, and Silent Hill: Downpour.

Will you give Crime Boss Rockay City a shot? Although the reviews are poor, it is better to wait to see the players' reactions to the game's innovative concepts, despite the fact that the execution isn't the best... In addition, it will also be released in PS5 and Xbox Series Xso with updates it has room for improvement...

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