Sifu: A massive update with a arena expansion is now available for download

Sifu: A massive update with a arena expansion is now available for download ...

Tobias Pieceman | 03/28/2023 – 19:01

Sloclap has released a new significant update for "Sifu." From now on, you may test yourself in the free arena expansion.

The martial arts adventure "Sifu" captured the players' hearts and provided some spectacular combat sequences and a crisp level of difficulty a year ago. Now, the developers behind the game have released a fresh update that boosts the game to version 1.20 and adds some new content.

Kung fu masters face new challenges.

Players may now master the arena expansion, which includes a total of nine new locations, 45 deadly challenges, and five new gameplay modes.

Time Attack Performance in the Capture Survival Manhunt

So you can expect a total of almost ten additional hours of gameplay, which will be given to you entirely free of charge by the developers. You'll be able to summon your inner kung fu master, fight your way through the underworld once more, and prove your class in the arena expansion.

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"Sifu" will be available on Steam from today, as well as for the Xbox Series X/S and the PC. To give you an idea of the new content, the filmmakers have also made a new trailer available.

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