The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom News from this morning is presented below

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom News from this morning is presented below ...

Thanks to a brief presentation from Eiji Aonuma himself, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom finally got an in-depth look this morning.

  • Most of the showcase was spent detailing Link’s new abilities in the game – Rewind, Fuse, Ultra Hand, and Ascend. Aonuma went quite in depth over each of their quirks and capabilities, so make sure to look at the full video (and our coverage) for more details.
  • The game had numerous Sky Islands, which are exactly what they sound like – large floating landmasses high in the air. You can seamlessly travel to these locations using fallen debris along with Rewind to rise high into the air. There are reportedly other methods of reaching the islands as well, but they’ve been kept secret for another time.
  • A new enemy type was shown off, called a Construct – the one we saw Aonuma fight appeared to be a basic foot soldier made of fancy technology, around Link’s size. These are presumably the enemy types found around Sky Islands, and they can also find and use Fused weapons to cause trouble.
  • Link can dive off the Sky Islands back to the ground at any time, accelerating his fall with the press of a button. He doesn’t take any fall damage landing in the water, but it wasn’t specified how hitting hard ground would affect him – he likely needs to hit the Paraglider button to avoid a big painful splat.
  • That was the main extent of the gameplay footage shown, but several physical objects were shown off: a special TotK Switch OLED, Pro Controller, and carrying case (each sold separately). Check out our coverage for more details.

On May 12, Tears of the Kingdom will be released. Are you interested in getting your copy? Check out our pre-order guide.

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