Windows 11 may permit you to turn on some experimental features manually

Windows 11 may permit you to turn on some experimental features manually ...

Microsoft is working on a new "Experimental Features" option in the Settings app that will enable or disable upcoming features regardless of whether or not the device is enrolled in the Windows Insider Program.

On Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider Program, you may be able to pick the feature you want to test before they become available to everyone. However, this new option appears to be available only for "moment" updates, not for major releases.

A second interesting feature is that it has its own folder in the "SystemApps" system folder that contains all information about the features.

The new setting does not necessarily mean that Microsoft will discontinue offering every functionality, but ViveTool may still serve as a way to see other Windows 11 features that the company may now want you to see.

The screenshots shared on Twitter indicate that the setting appears on the "Windows Insider Program" page whether or not the user has connected the device to the program, but it might change if the company decides to roll out the feature. However, this appears to be merely a way for partners to try out new features that the company may want to try.

On build 25267.1001 (rs_wdatp_edr.221212-1900), which Microsoft sent to partners last year, the new setting was discovered. In the most recent version of Windows 11 in the Canary Channel, I could not enable the feature running the "vivetool /enable /id:40062046" from Command Prompt.

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