TheReviewGeek Recommends the 10 Most Impractical Jokers Punishments

TheReviewGeek Recommends the 10 Most Impractical Jokers Punishments ...

Impractical Joker's punishment segment has a loyal following. The segment is well-known for being ridiculous, hilarious, and something that may haunt all of the Jokers. Every punishment is unique in its way they parade the losing joker, yet the core essence of each of them always remains.

We've looked over dozens of episodes to compile our list of the absolute best Impractical Jokers punishments to date. As always, please feel free to add a suggestion in the comments below:

What is the time of day that your phone is ringing?

Sal, the Joker who has lost his mind, is ordered to participate in a book reading group surrounded by real book lovers. The ringtone lyrics go, "It's mine, mine." The Jokers behind the plot keep calling him on more than several occasions.

People get so enraged that a lady in attendance turns off his phone. However, after he finishes his reading, the phone buzzes again, and the crowd laughs.

Anything goes under the table.

When Murr is presenting a lecture blindfolded, it's a completely different ballgame. The bad guys are under the table doing their best to make the speaker appear like a buffoon with a tie on.

His shoes are replaced with high heels, his pants are shortening, and a lady emerges from nowhere to make the whole thing even more bizarre.

The Stripes Have a Five-Star Rating

After Joe and Murr both lose the episode, they are given a harsh punishment unlike anything we have ever seen on the program. They are forced to stand in the middle of a busy street, offering their highest praise, and removing a single item of clothing.

Both of the losing Jokers are reduced to their underpants at the end of the game, and one of them has to admit it all.

Science is kicking off.

Joe is reprimanded by science enthusiasts for his opinion on the most recent scientific findings. The other Jokers join him in the panel to enjoy witnessing Joe crack under scientific pressure.

Joe has to resort to nothing but nonsense blabbering to get to the next question. At the end, Joe rips science so horribly that the audience easily detects it's a Joker posing as a rocket scientist.

I'm stumbling with the voice.

Murr is to give a speech as punishment. This time, however, there isn't much wrong with the speech; it's only his voice that is messed with. Two pipes containing Sulphur Hexafluoride for his voice to go low, and Helium for it to go high.

During an important conversation, the Jokers choose which one to suck. Within a moment, the entire event turns into a comedic play as dramatic variations of Murr's voice leave the audience open-mouthed.

Q wants it to stop.

Q is caught on the Universal Studios tour bus in Hill Valley after losing the special Hollywood episode. His punishment: Stop the tram again and again and again and again.

People just shoot him daggers the first time he removes the emergency stop cord. But as he repeats the same thing again, the crowd begins to revolt. Eventually, security is summoned to take him out of the tram, and co-passengers cheer him out.

One-off Visiting Card

Sal is invited to a networking event in which his job is to identify the most important person to give his visiting card to. However, there is a problem.

The guy understandably puts off one too many people because he has only one card.

The computer of Murr is missing.

As usual, Murr is giving a lecture from his computer, however, his computer is being controlled by the Jokers in the tv room. The presentation that started off as normal quickly became hysterical as the guys began highlighting made-up silly features of Murr.

Murr is punished intelligently, by showing him some ridiculously titled photographs, horrible notes, and even a video call from his homosexual pals. At the end, the class just cannot seem to give up.

In public, I see a naughty video.

Sal's punishments are the greatest, and this one has to be among his top three. At the Jokers' nod, the speaker plays x-rated music. You can imagine what might follow.

Sal is asked to reconnect the speakers with the laptop to make him feel at ease.

Being in awe of Tumblr

Murr is placed in a Tumblr event where all he has to do is be as rude as possible. He gets the bad light shining bright on himself, and people around him get so irritated that they Slack security to take him out. However, Murr doesn't stop. Guy Fiery takes Guy Fiery's place.

Our top 10 Impractical Jokers punishments. Have you found your favourite? Tell us in the comments below.

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