Season Finale of Blue Lock Neared a Perfect Note, and Here's Why

Season Finale of Blue Lock Neared a Perfect Note, and Here's Why ...

The Blue Lock season finale aired on Saturday and ended on a great note. It wasn't because of one single thing or another, though. It was because this season finale was a culmination of a lot of moving pieces that made it great.

Quick Work

For the most part, the Blue Lock season finale was fantastic. After introducing a new match (World Five vs. Isagi's Team) just one week before the season finale, I was concerned about how the season would end. However, the match ended in a blink of an eye, dumping everything that had to follow.

Blue Lock was designed as an experiment based on these teenagers' egos, and it was finally time for them to have a meaningful moment, even for Rin. This took them down a level just for Ego to help them rebuild themselves at the end, and it was beautifully executed simply because it wasn't planned for everyone in the series.

Because I can't remember an anime season's finale that introduced so many new characters at the same time? Shido Ryusei, a new antagonist at Blue Lock, has also been criticized by Isagi and Chigiri, as well as Bachira's evil side. This only leads to some payment later on in the future.

In a way, the match against the World Five felt like a teaser. Something that made me think "we'll see these guys again someday," and it provided everything we needed for a season finale. This made me feel like I should be excited for what's to come, as Blue Lock certainly does.

Kunigami's return gives us yet another reason to be excited about in the next season, whether it's through player voting or because of one of the 35 currently injured. I can't wait!

A Speech Like No Other

Ego's acceptance of the remaining 35 players at Blue Lock has been the highlight of my episode, although he's been criticized at the start for his behavior, but people start to realize that he's doing it for their own benefit, not for their own success. So this episode, seeing him develop into that pissed-off coach who thinks his team is counted out before they even step on the field, made me more enthused than anything else.

The presentation was outstanding, but the fact it was set up at the beginning of the episode and we didn't see him again until the very end is my kind of series writing style. I don't need one scene to always lead to the next, because otherwise, the meeting would've felt totally out of place, and the timing would've been strange.

Ego's sarcastic, smart-ass tone was everywhere in his speeches. He was fueled by desire and displeasure to prove the whole country wrong. This time, he declared himself with them and nobody else outside of Blue Lock. It was Ego's first real demonstration of his trust in his players.

Season Finale of Blue Lock has come to an end.

The humor in the season finale was undoubtedly hilarious. It was hilarious the first time around. It was perfect between the World Five's defeat and Ego's motivational speech.

Blue Lock had a perfect season finale from the Winter 2023 season, but it was certainly there, including a "villain," Rin is expecting to defeat his brother in the U-20 match, Kunigami is currently out of Blue Lock, and Bachira is still learning how to pronounce the days of the week in English.

10/10The Blue Lock season finale is worth a 10/10 rating! Be sure to vote for it in our weekly poll!

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