Season 6 of My Hero Academia was excellent in its own way

Season 6 of My Hero Academia was excellent in its own way ...

The My Hero Academia Season 6 finale, which aired this past Saturday, was everything fans anticipated. While some season finales from this season felt like there was still much to be desired, My Hero Academia Season 6 provided us a perfect balance of laughs and heartfelt moments.


There weren't that many episodes throughout the season that evoked that same sense of anxiousness, fear, and sadness that the majority of the season shared.

As a result of the first time that a group of teenagers returned from a dark place after going through the trauma of war for the first time, it just felt, well, nice. However, seeing instances like Denki telling Deku to return to UA and take a hot bath in the episode that they were actually attempting to do that exact thing in this episode was a nice little touch of writing that ended the season with funny faces.

After 25 weeks of suffering, I felt like these kids almost became convinced that they didn't just participate in a bloody conflict, but that they're still alive and well. Mineta ridicules Shoto for the way he walks into the room and how he poses. Jiro telling Ochako to say good morning.

The Dilemma of All Might

As I mentioned before, this episode was a nice marriage of humor and heartfelt moments. While Deku was being supported by others at UA, it acted in contrast to All Might's feelings about himself. It showed both sides of the same coin, one being One For All. While Deku was enjoying the pleasures of friendship and love surrounded by colorful rooms and cheerful pals, All Might was forced to watch a random woman demonstrate that his conviction in what he stood for was still alive.

The phrase she used to describe "the rain looks like it's about to stop" was the cherry on the top. They were words to describe the entire process that was taking place in this episode, both physically and mentally, in the belief that heroes can still make a difference. Particularly All Might and Deku.

Stain was such a gifted person that he made All Might realize that he is All Might. Even when All Might turned to his hero form for a split second, Stain reminding him that's not what makes him the All Might he respects was utterly perfect. The hero killer awakened him to demonstrate that there are still people who believe in who All Might is.

While Deku was dealing with the fear of losing his way to protect those he cared about, All Might was dealing with the fear of not seeing what everyone else still sees in him. He's still that symbol of hope that brings out the good in society at its lowest levels — even at his own lowest point. In the end, the next moment of him creeping into a UA window and looking at Deku made everything that much better.

Season 6 of My Hero Academia: Finale

Overall, this was a decent way to conclude what I believe to be the finest season of My Hero Academia to date. New characters, such as Star and Stripe, were introduced, and we received news that season 7 will be released. It was a final act that gave way to the notion that things would finally turn around with the next season, and that it is time for the heroes to recover what they stole from the villains. Deku and the rest of UA are getting back on track. Shigaraki is getting ready

My Hero Academia Season 6 Final Rating: 8/10

Crunchyroll Kohei Horikoshi/ SHUEISHA, Production Committee for "My Hero Academia"

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