After the violent gym thrashing, Tekashi 6ix9ine was seen in Cuba

After the violent gym thrashing, Tekashi 6ix9ine was seen in Cuba ...

6ix9ine has not once halted his run of form. He was recently beaten badly at a gym that left him hospitalized. He has now been released in good health from the hospital.

After his brutal gym altercation, 6ix9ine was recently seen in Cuba. He was seen walking along the waterfront wearing a large hat and an unbuttoned shirt.

A prominent New York rapper-federal informant was seen fleeing a steep canal bank. He was seen smiling as he proceeded to take great steps to cross the plane landing. The viewers and those who were watching the video welcomed the rapper and were warmly welcomed.

6ix9ine was filmed in the bathroom of LA Fitness the previous time he was caught. On March 21, a video was released showing Tekashi being beaten by three men, which resulted in his being hospitalized.

The internet was flooded with information as thousands of people viewed the video online, many speculating it as a reward for snitching on his former gangmates. Police have issued a statement regarding the incident and demanded help in arresting those who committed crimes.

Tekashi 69 was apprehended in 2018 for armed robbery, attempted murder, racketeering, and firearms possession. He was released in 2020 because he will be in house custody. Despite that, he managed to make music and a nuisance.

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