Following a Mangaka's announcement, the One Punch Man manga will be taken off

Following a Mangaka's announcement, the One Punch Man manga will be taken off ...

The Psychic Sisters Arc in the One Punch Man manga finished in Chapter 182, but now every fan eagerly awaits the next chapter, 183. That's because the chapter will set the stage for a new story, but fans also learned that the manga would take a break after giving us the first episode of the new arc.

Yusuke Murata, the mangaka of the popular manga, has announced the vacation on Twitter. He said he will be refreshed before the release of Volume 28. On April 20th, Murata also promised to release a new update on Chapter 184:

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In the next chapter, the 'Introduction to the Neo-Heroes' arc will begin.

The new arc will be begun in chapter 183 of the One Punch Man manga, i.e., Introduction to the Neo-heroes Arc. The chapter may be released in the first week of May before taking a break.

The new arc will introduce us to a new organization that will disrupt the heroes' lives. They will also be seen dealing with their financial difficulties, so they will seek help from Tsukuyomi, a psychic research organization.

The Vigilantes are the devils or monsters the heroes must face this time. Their fate is hazardous. You must read the whole chapter to understand everything about the new adventure.

One Punch Man gets a new chapter whenever mangaka comes up with it, and we do not have any other choice than to wait for the next update.

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