Young Chris dispels rumors of a shady photo with Rihanna

Young Chris dispels rumors of a shady photo with Rihanna ...

Rihanna's dating life hasn't been the best, and fans have been raving about her for years. Throughout her career, she's dated many musicians, including rappers like Drake, Chris Brown, and Travis Scott.

Young Chris, a rapper from Philly, was recently interviewed by VladTV about an alleged nude photo of him and Rihanna.

Young Chris, who is a member of Young Gunz, was quick to deny the gossip, calling it "some b******" and "weird s***." He explained that while an image like the one in question does exist, it doesn't show him posing with Rihanna. "This is not a joke," he said.

Chris' admission in another recent interview seemed to suffice. The rapper revealed a significant altercation in hip-hop history.

Young Chris made the decision to go with Jay-Z over Dame Dash during the Roc-A-Fella split in the mid-2000s, according to Math Hoffa, because he was a loyal fan of his group Neef Buck.

Young Chris admitted that he sometimes reminisces about the situation and wonders if Dame saw him as "the Bobby of the group," but he was ultimately content with the decision he made.

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