How to Kill Regenerators in Resident Evil 4

How to Kill Regenerators in Resident Evil 4 ...

From mutant canines to Plaga-infested Ganados, in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you'll encounter a lot of frightening monsters. However, the laboratory is home to quite a few frightening creatures. Check out this video on how to kill Regenerators in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

How to Kill Regenerators in Resident Evil 4

Regeneradores, or Regenerators as they are more often called, are one of the most difficult enemies in Resident Evil 4. They are almost impossible to defeat due to their improved regenerating ability, and can only be defeated by eliminating all parasites from within.

The Biosensor Scope you'll receive in Chapter 13 is the most cost-effective way to determine where they're at risk. This Weapon Attachment is compatible with any rifle that has a scope, including the Stingray and the LE 5. You may observe the Plagas that have now resides on Regeneradores.

Because of their long range, shotguns are efficient against these bio-weapons. You may shoot at its top and lower torso, or even tearing its legs with any luck.

You've come up with a strategy to put an end to Regeneradores. Congratulations. I do have some bad news for you.

After Chapter 14, they may be transformed into a new species of monster known as Iron Maidens. Needles sprout all over their bodies, and when you defeat one of these bioweapons, it will explode. Keep your distance and try not to freak out as it saunters towards you. Kill it swiftly by aiming at its vulnerable spot.

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