A pre-orderable Call Of Duty Ray Gun collectible is now available

A pre-orderable Call Of Duty Ray Gun collectible is now available ...

It's difficult not to get nostalgic for all the memorable moments from Call of Duty's previous games. Treyarch's top-secret third mode, World at War: Zombies, introduces the Ray Gun.

Maxwell Porter, Treyarch's Senior Lead Artist, knows the Ray Gun history like his hands. He started his career with Call of Duty 2: Big Red One as an environment artist before moving onto Call of Duty 3. Ultimately, he became the only weapons artist for Call of Duty: World at War.

Maxwell explained that he had a conversation with an art director about incorporating different elements into the World at War narrative. That's when he came up with the brilliant idea of including those old cereal cartons from the 1950s.

Maxwell spent an hour every day working on what would eventually become the legendary Ray Gun, modelling it to perfection, becoming the man behind the Ray Gun.

Maxwell wanted to make a weapon that was a mixture of a toy and a real weapon, and he wanted to include Easter Eggs in it, which he loved in video games. It was a project he did on his own because he wanted it to be included in the game.

When players who were testing the game would declare, "I GOT THE RAY GUN!"

The Ray Gun, the first Wonder Weapon that was accidentally created as an Easter Egg in Little Resistance, is a game that gamers love despite the challenges.

Collin Ayers, who is now the Lead Sound Designer, began his career at Treyarch in 1994 as an intern. He was responsible for the sound design of Zombies, including the Ray Gun, and that sound has remained constant to this day.

Ayers and Tuey decided to combine various tools to create the iconic "poing-poing" laser noise that is now synonymous with the Ray Gun.

They also added modern elements to the sound to make it more immersive. The result was a sound that gamers have been raving about ever since.

And now, you may own this historical item.

The Call of Duty Zombie Ray Gun Replica is now available for pre-order on the Call of Duty Gear Shop for US$600 MSRP or your regional equivalent. The Replica is 100% polyurethane, with the Mystery Box case being made of 100% Polyresin.

  • Product Weight Unpackaged – 5.2 kg
  • Product Weight Packaged – 6.9 kg
  • Product Dimensions Unpackaged – 48 x 44 x 16 cm
  • Product Dimensions Packaged – 60 x 54 x 23 cm

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