Recap of Perry Mason's Season 2 Episode 4

Recap of Perry Mason's Season 2 Episode 4 ...

This Perry Mason Season 2 Episode 4, 'Chapter 12,' recap contains spoilers.

Perry Mason's name is firmly linked to justice. He defends those who are wrongly accused, stands up for those who are downtrodden, and fights against a broken, prejudicial system.

If Perry's clients are found guilty, "Chapter Twelve" asks what happens. He has no immediate answer to this question.

Recap of Perry Mason's Season 2 episode 4

Paul discovered pretty convincing evidence that the Gallardo brothers were innocent last week. And after a while of agonizing over the information, including the decision whether or not to just dispose of it and pretend he never found it, he sends it to Perry.

Perry burns injustice for fuel. He's primarily concerned about the Gallardo brothers, who he assumed were innocent when confronted with the evidence. They're also guilty when confronted with the evidence.

Della tries to remind Perry that they are still entitled to a legal defense, and that since he signed on to defend them, he should get on with it. Then, when picking Teddy up from school the next day, his bad mood – and probably hangover – gives him little patience for another parent who calls him "Maggot Mason."

While we're here, Perry and Teddy met Miss Aimes while riding horses. We learn she's long since divorced, but she's still married.

Perry is a rough guy who is undergoing all kinds of trauma, isn't always the most kind of father who keeps his feelings in check, and isn't the typical demure lady who's not.

Perry and Miss Aimes seem to be in a state of flux.

As things progress in "Chapter Twelve," the focus shifts from the issue of who killed Brooks McCutcheon to the reason.

The Ending of Perry Mason's Season 2 Episode 4 Has Been Explained

Whatever Paul gets paid, it's not enough. He continues to research the crime surrounding the Gallardos' actions, especially why and how they might have carried it out.

He bribes the gun dealer who sold the Gallardos the rifle in the first place, and he admits they rented it every day for target practice – a costly hobby. So, the Gallardos were paid to kill Brooks, funded in their training, and have been left to face the consequences.

When Mateo's wife Sofia shows Rafael's prison drawings to reveal a substantial stash, this intuition is nearly substantiated.

So, the brothers were well-stocked, they studied the crime prior to their conviction, and they're easy marks for an open-and-shut conviction. Who paid them? Was it Lydell, sick of Brooks messing up and attracting attention to himself? Was it vengeance for what happened to Noreen Lawson?

Camilla Nygaard fits into all this? What's aboard the McCutcheon shipping boats that were supposed to be importing produce that California already has a lot of? The Gallardo brothers' case, by the way, is only the beginning.

Perry Mason Season 2 Episode 4, "Chapter 12," may be streamed exclusively on HBO and HBO Max.

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