The development of League of Legends Fighter Project L is still underway, and there will be no news from Evo Japan

The development of League of Legends Fighter Project L is still underway, and there will be no news  ...

The current state of the League of Legends-based fighting game, Project L, is still quite a work in progress.

Tom Cannon, the senior director and executive producer of Riot Games' League of Legends based Project L, has revealed on Discord that the fighting game is still very much in a Work in Progress state. Fans should not expect a release until Evo Japan 2023, although he promised that the development team would publish further information sometime later this year.

Cannon expressed his thoughts on the current state of the project. Without revealing the current size of the development team, he stated that he is extremely satisfied with the level of talent involved, and that the studio is still looking for more talented people to join the team.

According to Cannon, the development team made a conscious decision to reveal the game and update it sooner than any other in-development fighting game in order to receive valuable feedback from each update. Fans should not expect another update anytime soon, as the project is currently very much in a Work In Progress state.

The entire roster for Project L appeared to have been leaked via an official survey previously. The full questionnaire from Riot Games appeared to list the players who will be available to Project L players when the game launches. It asked respondents to quantify their familiarity with and affinity for a number of League of Legends champions.

Project L is a new fighting game developed by Riot Games Inc. The game is expected to have four bars in the same place as Rising Thunder's three Special move cooldowns plus Super move cooldown. This would also support League of Legends' champion abilities, which are usually composed of three basic abilities and an ultimate ability.

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