Release Date, Release Date, and More For One Piece Chapter 1078

Release Date, Release Date, and More For One Piece Chapter 1078 ...

The latest One Piece release brings some of the most interesting revelations to the table. But before that, the good news is that this one will not be released until after a period. Nami was in the most danger, fighting two groups at the same time. So, without taking much time, here's all you need to know about One Piece Chapter 1078.

Zoro and the team will take on King and restore his true identity to the floors in the next one. Nami will serve as a mentor to the people, as well as more people to alleviate the already-existent difficulties!

What Happened Next in One Piece Chapter 1078?

The title of the next chapter is known to be "Time Limit For Escape," according to the spoilers. The chapter will begin with the disclosure of the traitor who had given away the information about the doctor's residence. The reason behind this was that she wanted to be known as the doctor.

Franky was unable to lose consciousness in the final act of the chapter due to half of his body being petrified. The narration will go on to explain more about the lives and histories of all the fighters we are seeing along the way in One Piece Chapter 1078!

Recap of a Previous Chapter

Sentomaru advised the inhabitants of the town to flee the city in order to stay safe from the dangers incoming. Even the Seraphim had the same abilities. On the other side of the picture, Shaka took charge of looking for Vegapunk.

Nami continued to fight the S-Shark and S-Snake groups. Sanji saw this and decided to join the fight. At this point, Shaka manages to discover the doctor's whereabouts, only to wonder why he couldn't just escape.

Release Date for One Piece Chapter 1078 Release Dates for One Piece Chapter 1078

This is one of the few chapters that does not need to be paused during the production. So, it is expected to be released in the next two days. All chapters of the manga will be available only on Viz Media, Shonen, and MangaPlus. We will be sure to update this section as soon as more information becomes available.

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